Javascript Validator problem in Eclipse

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Development, Eclipse, Javascript
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This is a problem that has happened to me on some Web Dynamic projects. Every time the project is built, I get this error:

“Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder ‘JavaScript Validator’ on project ‘some-project’.

At a first sight it seems that a Javascript validator is throwing a NullPointerException, so probably you will try to disable ‘Client-side Javascript’ validation from Project->Properties->Validation… but I tell you that the problem is not there, you must go to Project->Properties->Builders then disable ‘Javascript Validator’.

Problem solved. Indeed is not a real problem, but the message is a bit annoying because it happens in every build so….

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  1. Rudiger says:

    Fuck Eclipse and their JavaScript Validator. It’s worse than useless.

    • Rich says:

      Ha ha very well said!!!

    • jahbini says:

      Yup. An error message modal dialog that comes up every 30 seconds and means nothing is why Eclipse designers should be kept on a very short leash. The message give no hint as to where the problem is, and no hint of how to suppress it.

      It is only through the power of crowd-sourced IQ points that I can use Eclipse at all.

    • jahbini says:

      Amen. Error messages like this are worse than useless. Like a ball and chain for developers.

  2. Ray says:

    Thanks. This is the solution location from a Google search. About 10 entries prior to this one was returned by Google.

  3. theo says:

    Wow, this error was getting to me. Thanks for the help!

  4. Bhaskar says:

    Thanks allot. It worked :D

  5. kyuwha says:

    this problem is getting me, join a company at first day, thank you for the help

  6. jyson says:

    I got alot of following errors after change to new eclipse.
    Syntax error on token “-“, ArrayLiteralHeader expected after this token
    Syntax error on token “/”, delete this token

    i did as what you suggested. No luck for me.

    • I think that has nothing to do with disabling Javascript Validator on Builders config. The solution I proposed is not for disabling Javascript errors or so, it’s only for the NullPointerException I mentioned in the article.

    • chakravarthi says:

      wordcount_cleanregex’, /[0-9.(),;:!?%#$¿'"_+=\\\/-]*/g
      use this exp and no need to worry about these false errors….

  7. Dave says:

    Fantastic, quick and direct.

  8. Faisal Feroz says:

    Thanks, this has been annoying me.

  9. Thanks man, that was annoying. 2 sec fix ftw!

  10. thanx man its mndblwng…..i was disturbed from two days for this error…

  11. Tzvi says:

    Thanks, This is what I was looking for!

  12. I disabled it in the builders but now am not able to build the project at all. am stuck with this.

  13. aodto says:

    this post got me solved. thanks

  14. Curdo says:

    Thanks for this. It worked!

  15. vijay says:

    thanks alot, it was worked…………….!!!

  16. Liz says:

    What if you do want the validator on for js? Then what? Tx!

  17. Sandro Chierici says:

    Thanks, very useful post. Js problems has been annoying me from a long time.

  18. olavocno says:

    interesting. only happened this in big projects. But, thanks!!

  19. Pankaj says:

    Thanks a lot, it worked like butter.

  20. Hernan says:

    Thanks…… a lot!!

  21. biyya says:

    Thanks a bunch. I don’t think even MyEclipse folks know a way around this. lol thanks again.

  22. TetraDog says:

    One year later and still google’s top. I nominate Blind Coder for sainthood.

  23. Thanks a lot man, that error was annoying as hell!

  24. elDuke says:

    Thanks! This was so annoying!

  25. Bala says:

    Thanks a lot …. u really saved my life….

  26. awdawd says:

    Thanks, I almost kicked the computer .. that messages is simply f****d up.

  27. edbe says:

    thanks. i have looking for this solution for two weeks

  28. Raghu says:

    Thank you very much, i wasted lot of time for the solution

  29. srini says:

    Thank you. It saved my time

  30. subdaimon says:

    Thx, you just saved my laptop from being thrown out the window. The JS Validator is a real POS

  31. icastel says:

    Sonnaffabiatch! That was it! LOL

  32. julien says:

    Thanks a lot.

  33. ali kemal says:

    thanks very much…
    It was a really annoying message…

  34. Alexander says:

    ეკლიპსის Javascript ვალიდატორს შევეცი

  35. Vikash Agarwal says:

    thanks for the tip ….

  36. Ponraj Suthanthiramani says:

    Cool, it worked for me, it was frustrating me for a week, now i am settled… thx

  37. Artur says:

    best solution !

  38. Aitor says:

    It works! thanks! gracias!

  39. Thanks so much for this solution. It just kept bugging me and no matter how many changes i tried in all the other options related to JS validation (disable) but it just won’t go away. But now how do we validate JS in eclipse? Some other day :)

  40. John O. Morales says:

    Thanks a lot bro!

  41. gesu says:

    its working! Thanks a lot ! validator is useless

  42. thana says:

    Thank you for this., it helped.,

    Its wired this only happened when i first sat the project to js nature, then removed the project and reimported again.,

    Could not find any way to remove the js project nature., and set it againg though..

  43. fredfred says:

    Thanks a lot! That helped after messing around for over an hour with workspace re-builds and validation settings.

  44. obrigado. tks for help!!!

  45. Gaurav says:

    Thanks! Finally got rid of the annoying error alerts!

  46. Frank Kim says:

    Thank you! I’ve been living with that error for too long. :-)

  47. Praveen says:

    Thanks a lot …………….. you saved my night………

  48. juju says:

    Great ! Easy to do but so confortable after!!!

  49. Jay says:

    Thank you sooooo much :-)

  50. Steve says:

    If the problem still persists – good old turn in on and back off me (in builders) seemed to do the trick

  51. pinar says:

    very helpful thanks

  52. thiruk says:

    thanks.. this helped me out.. :)

  53. saranya says:

    Thanks buddy

  54. […] he visto que la entrada Javascript validator problem in Eclipse es bastante popular lo voy a traducir al español para los lectores […]

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