Technical eBooks & videos sales at PacktPub

From now until 6th of January 2015, my friends of PacktPub are selling eBooks & videos for $5 or 4.7€. I think Xmas dates are a good time for purchasing some books and learning something new during the holidays.

PacktPub Xmas sales

As you might know I’ve read some of their books, and although they aren’t best sellers, most of them are good for introduce people to new frameworks, tools and theories, so they are interesting enough to give them an opportunity, and are very cheap, so why not?

I think this time I’ll try some eBook about Big data, arduino or Angular JS

Well, now it’s time to relax, I wish you all Merry Xmas and a very, very happy New Year 2015.


SerfJ 0.4.1 released!

A new bugfix version of SerfJ has been released:

  • Defect: Communication exceptions were not thrown properly.

Well this defect is very important because business exceptions thrown by the services (server side) were always received by the client as IOException instead of WebServiceException.

Enjoy, and remember that any feedback will be welcome.


SerfJ 0.4.0 released!

A new major version of SerfJ has been released with new features that makes the framework more powerful and flexible:

  • Feature: Default FileSerializer implementation, now is possible to serve files for downloading.
  • Feature: New default extension (.file) for serving files.
  • Feature: Within functional style you are able to implement generic serializers for whatever model you have.
  • Feature: Now javax.servlet.ServletContext, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest and javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse are accessible from controllers.
  • Patch: Instead of implementing net.sf.serfj.serializers.Serializer developers must implement net.sf.serfj.serializers.ObjectSerializer for serializing objects.
  • Patch: RestController.addObject2request is deprecated in favour of RestController.putParam

The English documentation (reference, examples and Javadoc) has been updated, now I’m working on the Spanish reference.

Enjoy, and remember that any feedback will be welcome.


SerfJ 0.3.2 released!

Hello, at my spare time I sometimes work on a little Java framework, SerfJ, which provides an MVC architecture and REST capabilities. Is not a great one, but it’s simple and easy to use.

A new version has been released. This time another user, Christian Kasper, has contributed to fix some problems he discovered while using SerfJ.

* Extension .64 in requests didn’t work as expected, SerfJ never found a Base64Serializer to attend those requests. The easiest way to solve the problem has been changing the extension to .base64.
* Other problem found by Christian was that the singular of ‘signatures’ didn’t return ‘signatures’ but ‘signatur’, so an exception for this word has been added to SerfJ.
* Now identifiers, which must start with a number, can contain alphabetic chars.
* Binaries are compiled on Java 6.
* Dependencies has been updated their versions.

You can read the complete release notes at the website.

Enjoy, and remember that any feedback will be welcome.